Attention Resellers and retailers. Get this Surf Board Shade Display with 300 pairs of Betters Shades to get you started to fantastic profits.




Other sunglasses business opportunities can cost you over $10,000 Plus yearly fees. Look at the others then compare our REAL opportunity.

Included in this business opportunity:

  • NO License Fees whatsoever. Others charge hundreds per year or more!
  • NO $13,000 investment as others charge for around $3,000 worth of product! Another Scam.
  • You simply buy our sunglasses at DEEPLY discount prices, which you resell in your local market.
  • Very small minimum to start; very low risk opportunity.
  • You get the special surfboard sunglasses display shown on left.
  • You also get 360 of our top selling "compare to name brand" sunglasses.
  • Each pair of sunglasses will have a Lifetime warranty given to the end user of the sunglasses.
  • You also get a 100 sets of 2-ply "Product Placement Agreement" customized with your business name, address and phone number. This is used for placing your sunglasses display surfboards or displays at local businesses. They will do the selling and you will split the profits.
  • Only a limited number of distributors will be chosen per area. So contact us today, if you are serious about starting your own sunglasses route or simply want a display at your store.

Ways to Make money with this business opportunity:

  1. Simply sell direct to the public at swap meets, garage sales, trade shows, fairs, etc.
  2. Place a sunglasses display at local retailers using the "Product Placement Agreement". You handle the placement and restocking of the sunglasses. The retailer has no risk, so it is an easy "sell". At each restocking simply count the number of sunglasses sold and have the retailer pay you your share of the profits. For example, the sunglasses retail for $15, the retailer pays you $8.00 for each pair sold and he keeps $7 on each pair. A win-win proposition.
  3. Build a route of sunglasses displays and sell the operating route for thousands of dollars. Then build another route and either keep it for yourself or sell it again! The profits are unlimited.
  4. Get a kiosk at your local mall for serious profits.
  5. Open a sunglasses store.
  6. Sell on the Internet. We can help you build your website similar to this one.
  7. Be creative. The possibilities are endless.

Serious inquiries only please. Contact us today!


We are now offering bulk sales of our Better Shades to resellers and entrepreneurs. Please contact us below for wholesale pricing.


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